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Requesting New Materials

Snowden Library encourages regular requests from all faculty for the purchase of new materials to support the curriculum. To facilitate the planned development of the library's resources, members of the library faculty have been assigned as a liaison and have selection responsibility for several broad subject areas. These librarians work with faculty in their assigned subject areas to evaluate our current collection in regard to curricular needs, actual usage by students and faculty, and new programs and trends. This includes consultation with faculty in selection of new books, evaluation of journal subscription requests and evaluation of gift materials for addition to the library collections.

Each academic department has appointed a departmental library representative who is the designated contact for that department.

Requests for book purchases may be submitted using the online request form (Book Purchase Request), a three-part book request form (see Using Book Request Forms). In the past several years the Snowden Library has been able to purchase most of the requested books which were still in print. However, we do ask that each request be assigned a priority code. The requestor will be notified if we decide not to order a requested title.