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Using Book Request Forms

  1. Please submit either the online Book Purchase Request Form, or the print Book Request Form.
  2. Supply as much bibliographic information as possible. In cases where the publisher is relatively obscure, please supply the address if you have it readily available. This prevents delays in fulfillment due to incorrect or outdated addresses.
  3. When ordering from a brochure or publisher's sale catalog please enclose it with your request. The brochure will be returned if you so request.
  4. We ask that all book requests be coded using the following method:
    • A - Necessary to purchase
    • B - Very useful, but not necessary
    • C - Good to have if money is available
    This priority code should follow the requestor's name on the paper form.
  5. If you use the paper Book Request Form, retain the last copy for your records and send the first two copies to Ariane Breton.