Studying another world language serves as a gateway to other peoples and cultures. The rewards and possibilities available to people who are proficient in more than one language and sensitive to other cultures are endless and exciting. At Lycoming College we offer a wide variety of courses in French, German, and Spanish which enable students to expand their current skills and take on new challenges in our increasingly global community. Professionals who know other languages are able to travel and exchange information around the corner and around the world.

Over the years, our students have recognized that through language proficiency and the study of literature, culture and film, they gain a deeper understanding of other societies and traditions as well as clearer insight into their own society. Our students benefit from small classes, tutors, native-speaking teaching assistants from around the world, and a supportive faculty who serve as teachers, advisors, and mentors.

Modern technology enhances language study at Lycoming. Our language laboratory is designed as a video theater in which satellite television brings foreign culture directly to students. Resources include software tutorials, multimedia instruction, and access to online foreign language materials.