Translating the World

Majors: French & Francophone Studies | German | Spanish
Minors: French & Francophone Studies | German | Spanish | Latin American Studies

Studying a foreign language serves as a gateway to other peoples and cultures. The abundance of rewards and possibilities available to people who are proficient in multiple languages and sensitive to other cultures are endless and exciting. At Lycoming College, students can choose from a wide variety of courses in French, German, and Spanish, which enable them to expand their current skills and take on new challenges in our increasingly global community. Through language proficiency and the study of literature, culture and film, students gain a deeper understanding of other societies and traditions as well as clearer insight into their own society.

Student Opportunities

  • Study abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, or Spain.
  • Engage in a research assistantship or translation work with a faculty member.
  • Gain teaching experience as a tutor in the Academic Resource Center or the Writing Center.
  • Gain work experience as a department assistant or a language lab monitor.
  • Aim for induction into Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language Honor Society.
  • Compete for a Lowry & Buedel Study Abroad Ambassador Scholarship.
  • Participate in a local internship through the WISE program.
  • Serve as a translator for faculty research as part of the LACES project in the Dominican Republic.
  • Join a language club to pursue an interest in modern languages outside the classroom.
  • Present independent research under faculty supervision in a two-semester colloquium.
  • Pursue a Fulbright, DAAD, or Gilman scholarship with the full support of the department.
  • Engage in local English as a Second Language outreach program alongside faculty.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Small classes contribute to the development of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that prepare students for a variety of jobs and careers.
  2. Students develop a close rapport with Fulbright Teaching Assistants from France, Germany and a variety of Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. Classes are taught by professors with the highest degree in their fields, and faculty publish and translate widely in their fields.
  4. In addition to spending a semester abroad, Lycoming offers May Term travel courses and summer programs that allow students to pursue multiple study abroad options.
  5. Students are required to use foreign languages both inside and outside of the classroom with the addition of conversation tables to a regular modern language curriculum.
  6. Accomplished authors visit campus to share their research and work with students in the classroom.

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