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Lycoming Scholars Program

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Lycoming Scholars Program Overview

The Lycoming Scholars Program is a special program designed to meet the needs and aspirations of highly motivated students of superior intellectual ability. Lycoming scholars participate in special, semester-long, interdisciplinary seminars on topics chosen by the faculty and students on the Scholars Council. During the senior year, scholars complete independent study projects culminating in presentations to other senior scholars. In addition, students in the program satisfy the College’s distribution requirements with more challenging courses than students not in the Scholars Program are required to complete.

Scholars Values

  • Scholars form a diverse community of individuals who share a love of knowledge and a joy for intellectual inquiry.
  • Scholars are curious. They are interested in the communities in which they live and the world beyond them.
  • Scholars eagerly learn about a variety of subjects beyond their primary fields of study.
  • Scholars value interdisciplinary investigations of and different perspectives on single topics.
  • Scholars incorporate newly acquired knowledge into the broader framework of how they understand the world.
  • Scholars are open to changing their minds as new inquiry, information, and dialog impact their views.
  • Scholars participate fully in discussions and contribute to the public conversation in the spirit of engaging with and finding solutions to problems.
  • Scholars care about others and strive to improve the human condition.

Advantages of Being a Scholar

In order to foster the spirit of intellectual curiosity and inquiry valued by the Lycoming Scholars Program, participating students may audit a fifth course each semester at no additional cost. Scholars also may be exempted from the usual limitations on independent studies by the Individual Studies Committee. The Scholars Council seeks to enhance further the search for knowledge and sense of community by arranging special events each semester.