Exploring The World’s Existential Theories

Majors: Religion
Minors: Religion | Biblical Languages | Biblical Studies | Classical Studies
Pre-Professional Programs: Pre-Ministry

The religion program at Lycoming College seeks to open students’ worldview and understanding of other cultures through the comparative study of religions and the analysis of biblical and historical texts. From learning what drives decision-making and history to discovering how foreign policy is directed, an education in religion gives students a well-rounded understanding of the forces that drive communities of all sizes. A new, intensely interdisciplinary curriculum gives students both a breadth and depth of knowledge as well as critical thinking, writing, communication, linguistic, and paleographic skills. When compared to other small colleges, the Religion Department at Lycoming is distinctive; the curriculum offers particular strengths in the areas of biblical studies and ethics and death and dying studies, along with course offerings in comparative religions and theology. Whether preparing for the ministry and graduate school or for work in advertising, archaeology, social services, law, business, or education, religion students at Lycoming develop a sensitivity and appreciation for others as well as an inquisitiveness that drives them to succeed.

Student Opportunities

  • Conduct graduate-level research alongside a faculty member to present at regional and national gatherings such as the American Academy of Religion (AAR) or for departmental honors.
  • Participate in a semester or May Term abroad studying world religions in Japan, Scotland, and England or going on archaeological digs in Israel, Cyprus, and Guatemala.
  • Engage in summer research and publication alongside your professors.
  • Pursue an internship at a local church or non-profit organization.
  • Lead or participate in one of our religious groups on campus, such as United Campus Ministry (UCM), Lycoming Cru, or Play By FAITH Ministries.
  • Work toward induction into Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious studies and theology.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Low student-to-faculty ratios and an open-door/mentoring commitment allow for individualized feedback and deep academic conversations.
  2. Students have the rare opportunity to take all three ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew and Latin) at the undergraduate level, preparing them well for graduate school.
  3. Lycoming is distinctive in offering both the opportunity to study religions at their point of origin and the impact that traditions continue to exert on contemporary American life. Students can study everything from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament to contemporary film and pop culture.
  4. A Theological Pursuits and Callings Committee (TPAC) provides extra guidance and support for students wishing to prepare themselves for the ministry, religious education, advanced training in religion, or related vocations.
  5. Faculty mentors hold the highest degrees in their field and publish widely in their specialized areas of research.
  6. Students can easily augment their religion degree with a variety of related majors such as archaeology, sociology, anthropology, medieval studies, and psychology.

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