The Religion Department curriculum integrates the comparative study of religions, theology, critical analysis of biblical and related historical literature, and the study of cultural and social issues. A Religion major at Lycoming College, therefore, engages a spectrum of disciplines that prepares the student for a variety of occupations in ministry, social services, law, business, and education.

Not only have recent alumni moved on to graduate work in archaeology, biblical studies, Buddhist studies, counseling, education, German language and literature, law, optometry, and theology, they have also landed a diversity of jobs and careers, such as attorney, director of youth ministries, family guidance counselor, optometrist, pastor, research technician, and writer.

When compared to other small colleges, the Religion Department at Lycoming is distinctive; the curriculum offers particular strengths in the areas of biblical studies and ethics and death and dying studies, along with course offerings in comparative religions and theology. Students are further enriched by course offerings in the biblical languages and Latin, as well as a close connection to the Program in Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East.