Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Student Work

Our students are involved in all aspects of filmmaking; they write, direct, shoot, create animation, and edit their own films. Their works result in narratives, documentaries, and experimental films that artistically represent their individual interests and talents. An area of concentration is chosen by each of our Digital Media majors in either Visual Media and/or Digital Filmmaking. All students are required to complete a senior capstone film, which incorporates the knowledge and skills gained from their experiences in the Digital Media program. Senior films are screened at the Senior Film Festival and Exhibition.

Boy Blue by Chris Cizek

Narrative Film

After finding the North-End Sheep gang leader dead, Boy Blue, a timid trumpeter, is forced to help them cross turf lines and get revenge.

Directing Smiles by Casey Martingale

Documentary Film

A documentary film about one man and the minor league baseball team that changed his life.

Needed by Tim Vasey

Narrative Film

In the months following the sudden death of his girlfriend, Damien Jackson is trapped in a state of loneliness and isolation. His spirits are lifted, however, when he meets his new next-door neighbor, Brenda.

Outdoor Ice by Michael Competiello

Documentary Film

This film is a collection of stories from people who either grew up playing pond hockey or continue to play pond hockey to this day. Pond hockey isn't about winning or losing, but meeting people and creating memories that will last a lifetime, all while on the outdoor ice.

The Island Dwellers by Christina Moliterno


A Legend Story is a tale of a unique tribe of species and their history with the Sun. Each with a distinctive instrument they have earned by journeying into the secluded woods for days until one presents itself, they play happily and peacefully.

Screened at the Aesthetica Film Festival.

My Only Sunshine by Chelsea Moore

3-channel video installation

My Only Sunshine is an installation centered around childhood stories of three very different individuals. While they may vary in age, gender, and upbringing, these subjects all share one thing in common: enduring traumatic experiences during childhood. Any instance of abuse is only referenced through the audio and the footage is representative of the escapes these individuals sought during times of pain.

Some of our students’ work may contain sensitive content, and is therefore recommended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.