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Christopher Kulp

Christopher Kulp


B. A., McDaniel College
M.S., The College of William & Mary
Ph.D., The College of William & Mary

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4282
Campus Post Office Box 3
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Professor of Physics
Areas of Expertise: Nonlinear dynamics, complex systems, nonlinear time series analysis

Christopher Kulp’s current research interests are in nonlinear and complex systems. He has a particular interest in nonlinear time series analysis, where he develops novel methods for analyzing data in order to learn more about the systems from which the data was measured. He has worked with data from a large variety of fields including astrophysics, climatology, medicine, economics, biology and combustion.

Kulp maintains an undergraduate research group that is very active and housed in his lab in the Lynn Science Center. He has more than 20 publications including articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference papers.

Kulp teaches physics at all levels and his courses include both laboratory and computational components. He enjoys teaching the numerical methods needed to solve modern complex problems in physics and many other fields.

Before coming to Lycoming, Kulp taught at McDaniel College, The College of William & Mary and Eastern Kentucky University. In addition, he taught high school earth science and physics as well as a brief stint at a summer program as a kindergarten and first grade math teacher.

Chris Kulp is a member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians (SIAM). He is active the Billtown Blues Association, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting Blues music. In his spare time, Kulp enjoys reading, watching science fiction movies and playing guitar.

Selected Publications

V. Pagonis and C. W. Kulp, Monte Carlo Simulations of Tunneling Phenomena and Nearest Neighbor Hopping Mechanism in Feldspars 181, 114 – 120 (2017).

C. E. A. Finney, C. W. Kulp, C. S. Daw, S. Alavandi, T. A. Fuller, T. J. Flynn, T. Osborne, N. Stewart, Opportunities for optical flame diagnostics in commercial and industrial furnaces, Proceedings of the American Flame Research Committee 2016 Industrial Combustion Symposium, Kauai, HI, September 11 – 14, 2016.*

C. W. Kulp, J. M. Chobot, H. R. Freitas, and G. D. Sprechini, Using ordinal partition transitions networks to analyze ECG data, Chaos 26, 073114 (2016).*

C. W. Kulp, J. M. Chobot, B. J. Niskala, and C. J. Needhammer, Using forbidden ordinal patterns to detect determinism in irregularly sampled time series, Chaos, 26 023107 (2016).*

Christopher W. Kulp and Gene Sprechini, Teaching the Assessment of Normality Using Large Easily-Generated Real Data Sets, Teaching Statistics 38, 2, 56 – 62 (2016).

C. W. Kulp and B. J. Niskala, “The Characterization of Time Series Data”, Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory, Ed. C. H. Skiadas and C. Skiadas, Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2016. 211 – 230.*

C. W. Kulp and L. Zunino, A New Test for Determinism, Chaos, 24, 033116 (2014).

C. W. Kulp, Detecting Chaos in Irregularly Sampled Time Series, Chaos, 23, 3, 033110 (2013).

*denotes Lycoming student co-authors