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Community Service and Personal and Professional Development (CEAE)

Instructors: Kurtz, Patterson

The Community Service and Personal and Professional Development program is designed to promote student civic engagement embedded in service learning pedagogy and to integrate intellectual, personal, and professional development.

Although a liberal arts education stresses a wide array of skill development, including written communication, oral communication, information literacy, and critical thinking, students often find it challenging to identify and articulate how their skills can be applied in a professional environment. This course helps students successfully transition into practica, internships, service learning programs, and the workplace by providing guidance in professional skill development. This course examines the practical application of presentation of self within professional settings, utilizing prominent behavioral theories such as trait and factor theory and social learning theory. Prerequisite: sophomore status or higher. 2 credits.

The transition from student to professional involves more than earning a degree and obtaining a job. In order to be successful in a chosen profession, students must learn how to acclimate to and navigate the environment in which they are working. This course focuses on practical applications of academic concepts such as code-switching, while providing students the opportunity to participate in experiences associated with academic and social mobility. Prerequisite: sophomore status or higher. 2 credits.

Integrates academic coursework with embedded service learning and provides opportunities to examine community needs, the importance of civic engagement and the impact of social inequality on individuals, organizations, and institutions. Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of service at a pre-approved site, engaging in direct or indirect service with a population in need, and in doing so, contributing to the betterment of the local community.