Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Life After Lycoming

The time to major in biology has never been better. Typically 100% of Lycoming's biology majors are placed within six months of graduation at a variety of firms or are continuing their education in graduate schools across the country. Our graduates are working as research associates, conservation specialists, medical technologists, and teachers, or pursuing advanced degrees in fields such as immunology, toxicology and neuroscience.

Below are just a handful of our recent biology graduates and their positions after Lycoming.

Graduate School

  • Bethany Mingle — Harvard University, Immunology
  • Jarrod Chip — New York Chiropractic College
  • Andrea Cooper — Saint Francis University, Master's of Occupational Therapy
  • Amanda Lee — College of Charleston in South Carolina, Master's of Environmental Studies and Assitantship
  • Stephanie Ly — University of Southern California Keck Medical School, Master's of Public Health Program
  • Amber Rock — Miami University of Ohio, Master's and Ph.D. Program in Zoology with Graduate Teaching Assitantship
  • Brittane Strahan — Thomas Jefferson's Nursing Program, Geisinger
  • Kevin Arvai — American University, Environmental Anthropology
  • Jessica Bennett — University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Molecular
  • Ashley Campbell — University of Maryland, Neuroscience
  • A.J. Francovilla — Drexel University, Environmental Policy
  • Gabrielle Toy — Nebraska Wesleyan University, Forensic Science
  • Neihl Williamson — Penn State University, Wildlife Management and Fisheries Biology
  • Amy Wislock — Bloomsburg University, Registered Nurse Program
  • Jennie Yuda — University of St. Louis, Environmental Health
  • Melissa Fogg — University of Delaware, Molecular Cell Biology/Genetics
  • Ellen Klinger — University of Maine, Ecology & Environmental Science
  • Deanne Greene — University of South Carolina, Molecular Biology
  • Kent Adams — University of Tennessee, Wildlife Biology
  • Theresa Black — Towson State University, Environmental Science
  • Dylan Dupuis — Lehigh University, Molecular Biology
  • Megan Clark — Southern Louisiana University, Botany
  • Krista Poppe — Montclair State University, Animal Behavior
  • Wendilorion Meyers — Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland, Molecular Genetics
  • Andrea Santini — Arcadia University, Genetic Counseling
  • Dara Berninger — Bloomsburg University, Exercise Physiology Program
  • Carrie Monroe — Miami, Marine Biology
  • Michael Morris — Montana, Fisheries Biology

Secondary school science teachers

  • Emily Conroy — Biology Teacher, Harrisburg, PA
  • Kristen Colgan — Biology Teacher, Tampa, FL
  • Jim Rodgers — Biology Teacher, Williamsport Area
  • Ian Kauffman — Biology Teacher, Central Dauphin East High School, Harrisburg, PA
  • Jessica Feerrar — Biology Teacher, Manheim Township School District, Lancaster, PA
  • Tiffany Loner — Biology Teacher, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Megan Zimmerman — Biology Teacher, Lancaster District, PA
  • Denise Shimel — Biology Teacher, Lexington Park, Maryland
  • Diane Deisher — Biology Teacher, Maryland
  • Mike Earle — Biology Teacher, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
  • Bret Zalonis — Biology Teacher, South Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • Brian Lewis — Biology Teacher, Florida

Environmental Science

  • Natalie Garritano — Animal Keeper, Educational Intern, Clyde Peeling Reptileland
  • Christine Hensler — Milton Sanitary Authority
  • Nicole Rhodes — Clear Water Conservancy
  • Tyler Machamer — Williamsport Sanitary Authority
  • Christy Appleman — Field Biologist Alaska Bird Observatory, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Rain Bell — Lycoming County Conservation District, Agricultural Pest Inspector
  • Matt Bennett — National Park Service Delaware River
  • Christina Appleman — PA Game Commission
  • Brandon Ford — US Department of Agriculture, Field Technician
  • Rebecca Fox — Marine Estuary Environmental Science, University of Maryland
  • Kristina Kleintop — Lancaster Environmental Laboratories, PA
  • Kristin Brown — PA Fish and Boat Commission, Fisheries Technician
  • Alisa DeDay — Working at the Marine Mammal Expo at Hershey Park, PA
  • Heather Eggleston — Aquatic Biologist, Stroudsburg Water Research Center, PA
  • Eric Hoover — Environmental Education Adventure Expeditions, Oahu, Hawaii

Biomedical Research

  • Allison Raymond — Biologist at American Type Culture Collection, Bacteria Lab
  • Christopher Bang — Technician at American Type Culture
  • Lindsey Vacovsky — Lab Technician, Geisinger
  • Jamie Crater — Lab Technician in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Penn State University
  • Justin Jay — Lab Technician, Johns Hopkins, MD
  • Jennifer Kinne — Research Associate, Wadsworth Center, Albany, NY
  • Christina Panko — Research Technician, Drexel University College of Medecine, PA
  • Michelle Oetinger — Research Technician, DNA sequencing & microarray analysis, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Amanda Dunkle — Research Technician, Neuroscience & Anatomy Dept, Hershey Medical Center
  • Christina Boob — Research Technician, Exygen Research, State College, PA
  • Melissa Stokes — Research Technician, Cell Biology, University of Virginia
  • Richard Gold III — Geisinger Medical Center Research, Danville, PA

Medical Technology

  • Lori Bechdel — Medical Technology Program, Williamsport Hospital and Medical Center
  • Ashley Cardamore — Laboratory Technician Institute of Genetic Medicine, John Hopkins
  • Danice Gregorowicz — Naval Laboratory Technician
  • Randy Fast — Technician at National Institutes of Health
  • Sara Lowe — Medical Technician Program, Susquehanna Health System
  • Kimberly Jones — Medical Technologist at Susquehanna Health System
  • Jennie Shaffer — Medical Technology program at Williamsport Hospital
  • Denise Greene — Lab technician, Allentown Hospital, PA
  • Allison Hutton — Histology Technician, Warren County Hospital, PA
  • Erina Wilsoncroft — Medical Technology Program, Altoona Hospital, PA
  • Jen Gross — Lancaster Hospital, Lancaster, PA