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Coordinator of Accessibility Resources

Office of Academic Services Deans -

The Coordinator meets with prospective students and their parents upon request to inform them of the services available at Lycoming College to enable them to judge the fit between Lycoming College and the student.

Students who choose to receive academic accommodations at Lycoming College must submit appropriate documentation to the Coordinator. The Coordinator retains these confidential documents for the student and discloses their contents upon written request by the student. When a student requires use of special equipment and services to obtain access to an accommodation, the Coordinator will coordinate access to these.

The Coordinator will provide academic counseling to the student upon request. Such counseling could include advice about disability testing, study skills, course selection, ways to meet requirements, and referrals to other campus offices or off-campus agencies for services.


Students must initiate the accommodation process by disclosing their disability to the Coordinator, which they can do at any time during their college career. Next, students must submit appropriate documentation to the Coordinator.

Upon reviewing the documentation, the Coordinator will invite the student to meet to discuss the disability and the appropriate accommodations available to the student. An accommodation letter will be written during this meeting, copies of the letter will be provided to the student, and the student will give the letter to each instructor. The student is responsible for meeting with the Coordinator each semester to draft a new accommodation letter for their new set of instructors.

Students should provide feedback to the Coordinator about the effectiveness of their accommodations. Students must voice concerns about accommodations in a timely manner, so that adjustments or alternatives can be discussed immediately.


Students with disabilities are expected to meet the same standards for a grade that students without disabilities meet. Students with disabilities, however, might meet those standards in different ways. Faculty must maintain academic standards for all students while individualizing the means to meet those standards for students with disabilities.

Faculty should include a syllabus statement directing students to the Coordinator for academic accommodations. An suggested syllabus statement can be found on the Faculty Resources webpage.

Faculty should provide accommodations to students who have delivered an accommodation letter from the Coordinator. Students who claim to have a disability but who have not submitted such a letter should be referred to the Coordinator.

Upon receipt of the accommodation letter from the Coordinator, faculty should consider the implications of such accommodations on course standards and consult with the Coordinator as appropriate. If faculty find that requested accommodations are inappropriate for specific courses, they should contact the Coordinator immediately to discuss alternatives.