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The Accommodation Process

Lycoming College provides academic accommodations to students with disabilities and encourages students to identify their special needs. To access accommodations, students must initiate the process by doing the following:

  1. The student must disclose to the Coordinator of Accessibility Resources. This is the official process for disclosure. Please note that disclosure to other members of the Lycoming community, including faculty, is not considered adequate notice to the College.
  2. The student must provide the Coordinator with current and appropriate documentation of the disability prepared by a qualified professional in the field. An IEP alone is not sufficient. Documentation requirements can be viewed here. The College reserves the right to request additional documentation and information if needed. The Coordinator retains disability documentation records. Such records are considered confidential and are subject to FERPA regulations.
  3. The student must meet with the Coordinator to discuss the disability and determine appropriate accommodations. Then, the Coordinator and the student will prepare an Accommodation Letter for faculty which briefly explains the nature of the student's disability and indicates appropriate accommodations. Finally, students will deliver the Accommodation Letters to faculty. Note: Students will complete this step every semester.
  4. The student should inform the Coordinator of the effectiveness of accommodations and vocalize any concerns in a timely manner.