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The Writing Center

The Writing Center is an in-person support service for students looking for friendly advice and feedback from trained peer tutors (with majors and minors across the curriculum) at any stage of the writing process. We're located on the 3rd floor of Snowden Library, offering walk-in hours and appointments.

Operating Hours

Day Afternoon hours Evening hours


6-7:30 (walk-ins welcome)
7:30-9 (appointments only)

12-2 (appointments only)
2-4 (walk-ins welcome)

6-7:30 (walk-ins welcome)
7:30-9 (appointments only)
Friday 12-2 (appointments only)
2-4 (walk-ins welcome)
Saturday Closed Closed

By-Appointment Writing Consultations

Appointments occur within our regular operating hours as listed above. You can make an appointment with a particular tutor, if desired (see the staff list below for details). To secure an appointment, click the button below. Please arrive on time and bring your laptop and/or two printed copies of your essay.


Walk-in Writing Consultations

During walk-in hours, we serve students on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring your laptop and/or two printed copies of your essay. View our walk-in hours above and plan accordingly.

Remote Writing Consultations (Limited)

Reserved for students in difficult medical or other personal situations that prevent them from visiting in person, email-based feedback is available Monday through Friday during the daytime only (before 4 PM). Email your questions and/or draft to the director of the Writing Center, Shanna Wheeler, who will connect you with a writing tutor.

Writing Center Staff

Writing Tutors Areas of Study/Experience Shifts in Writing Center (Spring '24)
Alicia Goldenziel Psychology, Education Sun. 6-9 PM
Allison "Ali" Clemens Biology, Chemisty, MLA

Mon. 3-4 PM
Tues. 12-2 PM
Wed. 3-4 PM

Alyssa Morgan Corporate Communication, English, Psychology Contact directly via email for an appointment; look up Alyssa in your Lycoming Outlook account. 
BreAnna Schields Criminology, Psychology, APA, MLA Wed. 6-9 PM
Caylin Dimisa Art (Photography), Creative Writing (Fiction) Mon. 6-9 PM
Wed. 6-9 PM 
Colt Walker Astrophysics, MLA Thurs. 12-4 PM
Daniella Dodoo Biology-Anatomy & Physiology

Mon. 6-9 PM
Tues. 6-9 PM
Wed. 6-7:30 PM

Dominick "Dom" Philip Economics, Philosophy, German, Chicago (Author-Date), MLA Sun. 6-9 PM
El Rossman English Literature, Creative Writing, Secondary Education, MLA Thurs. 6-9 PM
Gray Kishbaugh English Literature, Creative Writing, MLA

Tues. 6-9 PM
Thurs. 6-9 PM

Madeline "Maddy" O'Connor Psychology, APA, MLA Tues. 2-4 PM
Melody Khalaf Film and Video Arts, Studio Art, MLA Mon. 6-9 PM
Fri. 12-4 PM
Natasha Torres Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience Tues. 6-9 PM
Thurs. 6-9 PM
Olivia Plotts Biology, MLA Mon. 12-2 PM
Wed. 7:30-9 PM
Sarah Lanphear Biology (Ecology), Creative Writing, MLA Sun. 6-9 PM
Mon. 2-3 PM
Wed. 2-3 PM
Shanna Wheeler Writing Center Director / Instructor of English & Communication By appointment only; contact 
Thatcher Gunnells English-Creative Writing, Theatre Wed. 12-2 PM

What to Expect

Good writers themselves, the writing tutors at Lycoming College have been trained to guide you through the writing process, from brainstorming to final revision. They do not take control of your work or [re]write your papers for you. Take advantage of the friendly advice they can provide at every stage of your writing project.

Please note that the Writing Center is not a proofreading and line-editing service; rather, it is an educational resource. So, if asked, tutors can watch for sentence-level error patterns (repeated issues) and draw the writer's attention to them in a helpful way, but proofreading and close line-editing is ultimately the writer's responsibility. We recommend that students take time to read their own essays out loud to catch errors.

Writing tutors will not know exactly what the professor is looking for or how they will evaluate your paper. (Always bring your assignment guidelines!) Also, writing tutors cannot guarantee you a higher grade on a given assignment; their goal, however, is to help you develop as a writer.

Come Prepared: Bring your laptop and/or two printed copies of your draft (if you've gotten that far), your assignment guidelines, any relevant materials, a mental list of what you're concerned about, and your patience.

Visit Reports: Every time you consult with the Writing Center, we send a brief report to your professor to show that you are making an extra effort to succeed (unless you indicate that you do not want your professor to be notified). In order for the check-in/check-out process to occur smoothly, remember to bring your college ID.

Word to the wise: Don't procrastinate on your writing projects! If you wait until the last possible minute to bring your paper to the Writing Center, you might not have enough turn-around time. Plus, we can get pretty busy at times.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Mrs. Shanna Wheeler, Director of the Writing Center (

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