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Teaching Effectiveness Program


Dr. Holly Bendorf and student
  1. Provide a collaborative and supportive environment for faculty interested in promoting quality teaching in undergraduate classrooms. This recognizes diversity in and acceptance of various teaching styles, and acknowledges that a supportive environment is one in which faculty are comfortable with experimentation in terms of teaching methods and are free to share failures as well as successes.
  2. Develop and implement a series of formal teaching initiatives such as workshops on campus led by nationally recognized educators; attendance and presentations by Lycoming faculty at nationally recognized conferences on teaching; informal workshops and gatherings on campus in which Lycoming faculty share teaching initiatives; and the sharing of information about teaching through channels such as a newsletter, a Web site, a collection of teaching literature, etc.

Other Teaching Effectiveness Links

For questions and requests for a current semester schedule, contact Andrew Stafford, Associate Dean of Teaching Effectiveness. (Faculty and staff can also find the schedule on the Academic Bulletin.)