Greek ClassThe Biblical Languages minor supplements the Religion and Archaeology programs and assists students in preparing for various careers, such as ministry, social services, language translation, and law.

Students develop critical reading and writing skills through their study of biblical texts in the original languages.

The 200-level Greek reading courses provide a comparative study of the New Testament "synoptic" gospels as well as an examination of Paul's letters, with a focus on translating one letter in its entirety.

The 200-level Hebrew reading courses involve studying aspects of biblical narrative and analyzing Israelite prophetic and wisdom literature in its various poetic and prosaic forms.

Latin is not part of the minor, but students may choose to enrich their language studies with courses in Latin grammar and the reading of classical Latin texts.

The courses offered through the minor satisfy language distribution requirements. 200-level Greek and Hebrew courses also count toward the Religion major and toward requirements for inclusion in the national religious studies honor society, Theta Alpha Kappa. They do not count, however, toward humanities distribution requirements.

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