Getting into law school: The Lycoming Difference

Most people have a top three list of law schools, but little idea of how to get in. Lycoming can help you prep for that from day one. Sadly, most law schools reject 50% of their applicants and the better-known law schools reject a much higher percentage. Your acceptance into law school is based on how well you do on the LSAT. That score is more important than anything else.

Lycoming’s approach is unique

At Lycoming you will take an actual LSAT (from a previous administration of the exam) in your first year. And together with Dr. Whelan, the pre-law advisor at Lycoming, you will analyze your score and make a plan. Later in your first-year, if you choose, you will take a four-session, mini-course on the LSAT. That course – which you can repeat as often as you like – will teach you everything you need to reach your fullest potential on the LSAT.

No other college (as far as we know) does it our way: a real LSAT administered in your first-year coupled with an LSAT mini- course, taught right at the college, that you can take as many times as you want. Our approach works: Recent graduates have been accepted to law school at UCLA, NYU, Cornell, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, and Washington and Lee, among many others.

Lycoming’s approach is flexible

Students can choose any major. Our liberal arts emphasis on courses that require careful reading, analysis, criticism, evaluation, and interpretation virtually guarantees that you will be ready for law school.

Lycoming’s approach is practical

Not only do we prepare you theoretically, we also try to give you hands-on experience with practicums, internships and work experiences. Working and interning in a law office can give students an edge. In the freshman or sophomore year, students can work for a month in an area law firm as part of our SHARE program. (Many law firms are located within easy walking distance of the campus.) In the junior year, pre-law students are eligible to complete a semester-long internship in a law firm, the District Attorney's Office, or within a legal services organization. Some Lycoming students spend a semester in Washington, DC as part of Lycoming's LC/DC Washington Semester.