Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Mid-Atlantic Humanities Review, Volume 1 (2023)


Andrew B. Leiter

Associate Editors

Dominick Philip

Becky Wisdom

Katryn Yocum

Table of Contents

The Museum Industrial Complex: Institutional Critique in the New York Art World, 1960-1970s - Alexander Gabriel

The Epigenetic Role of Ethical Cognitive Development - Kyle Perreault

The Severing of the Pentangle: Gender and Sexuality in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Isabella Brignola

Patterned Paths: The Use of Mosaics within Cypriot-Roman Culture - Aubrey Chambers

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: The Impact of Historical Policy - Clara M. Downey

Resilience: Vulnerabilist or Invulnerabilist? - Michael Griffith

“ROUSE YOURSELVES AGAINST FASCISM”: Women’s Writing Tactics and the Antifascist Movement in Interwar Britain - Natalie Tulone

An Androgynous God: Beardless Dionysus in Ancient Greek and Roman Art - Dorian Hansen

Theories of Consciousness and the Evolutionary Origins of Consciousness - Morgan Clouser

Haiti is Dead and God Killed Her: Investigating the Theological Underpinnings of International Finance, Intervention, and Sovereignty in Haiti - Xiomara Jean-Louis

Shakespeare’s Characterization of Ideal Leadership through Henry V and Richard III - Sarah Lanphear

Feminist Thomist Reception: How does Aquinas’s Theological Anthropology Intersect with Modern Feminist Theological Conceptions of the Self Relating to the Hierarchy of Gender? - Catherine Momjian