Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Welcome to Lycoming College

At Lycoming College, classic meets cutting edge, and tradition meets progress. A liberal arts and sciences college with a distinguished past and an exciting future, Lycoming is dedicated to providing a 21st-century education in a supportive, residential environment that fosters individual growth and a tight-knit community of learners. Founded in 1812, the College helps students discover their passions and how to become meaningful members of their communities.

Lycoming is ranked as a Tier 1 National Liberal Arts and Sciences college by U.S. News & World Report, where it has risen 17 spots in the last two years. In addition, Lycoming is listed as one of “The Best 389 Colleges” by The Princeton Review and has been named a leading national liberal arts college by Washington Monthly.

All of Lycoming’s resources and faculty are dedicated to the undergraduate education of just 1,100 students. With a 11:1 ratio of students to faculty, classes of five or ten students are not uncommon, while larger introductory courses average just 30 students. This means abundant opportunities for individual attention by exceptional faculty members who are truly committed to teaching.

The faculty at Lycoming College are active teachers, committed mentors, and scholars who produce knowledge and creative work. They draw students into learning and prepare them with the skills needed to succeed in a world characterized by rapid change and intense competition. Lycoming students are superbly prepared to meet the challenges of life through an academic program that includes both breadth of study in the arts and humanities, math and languages, social and natural sciences and depth of study in at least one area of concentration. The College grants Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees and offers 45 majors and 65 minors.

Lycoming students, who come from as nearby as Williamsport and as far away as Africa and Asia, embrace the entire student experience. High-impact opportunities can be found in abundance. For example, students conduct research with faculty, complete internships and service or community-based learning projects, teach in the local schools, and study abroad.

Lycoming offers students opportunities to participate in faculty-led research, giving undergraduates a taste of what research is like at a professional level, as well as helping them prepare for graduate studies.

Students who intend to continue their studies in health, law, medicine, and the ministry receive excellent pre-professional preparation. Through a number of cooperative programs with other colleges and universities, Lycoming students study clinical laboratory science, and engineering, while still enjoying the benefits of a small college experience. One of the most popular and successful ways for students to blend career planning with a liberal arts and sciences education is with internships through the College’s Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences. Close to one-third of Lycoming students gain real job experience as part of a semester course load. The Williamsport area is particularly rich in internship opportunities in business, communication, government, health, criminal justice, and social services. The close relationship between the College and the community has given Lycoming students a chance to roll up their sleeves and gain résumé-enhancing experience rather than mere observation.

Lycoming Students are also encouraged to complement their studies with international experiences. Students may take advantage of traditional study abroad programs around the globe through College partners and other approved programs. In addition, Lycoming offers a variety of short-term travel courses during the semester and the May Term.

The residential life of the College is best described as vibrant. Lycoming affords students the opportunity to do things like perform with the choir or band, act in or direct a play, lead a club or organization, participate in the Outdoor Leadership and Education program, or volunteer in the community, to name a few. At Lycoming, students learn both in the classroom and in the residential environment, and there are many opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills.  

Lycoming is proud to offer its students the opportunity to participate in 19 varsity athletic programs (10 for men, 9 for women). The Warriors compete at the NCAA Division III level and are a member of the Landmark Conference. Students may also take part in the College’s competitive intramural and club programs 

Lycoming’s campus lies near historic downtown Williamsport, a city best-known as the birthplace of Little League Baseball and the site of its annual Little League World Series. The rolling hills and forestlands of north central Pennsylvania provide some of the state’s best scenery, as well as hiking, camping, kayaking, and other outdoor recreation, while the Williamsport greater metro area has a population of approximately 100,000 people. Lycoming is less than four hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

The College enjoys a relationship with the United Methodist Church and supports its tradition of providing an education to persons of all faiths. The College is firmly committed to a policy of cultural diversity and expects its students to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusivity.

Lycoming College prepares students for a lifetime of success at one of the best liberal arts and sciences colleges in the country.