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Spring 2021 Registration

When does Phase I registration begin?

Phase I registrations begins Monday October 12, 2020 and ends October 26, 2020.

If I owe a past due balance on my student account, will I be eligible to register for the Spring semester?

No. In order to participate in Phase I registration, your student account must be current. If you are currently enrolled in the monthly payment plan, that account must also be current.

How can I check to see if I have holds on my student account?

To view the holds on your student account, go to WebAdvisor, select Financial Information, then select Student Restrictions.

I have several holds on my student account. Do I need to clear all holds in order to participate in Phase I registration?

If the following holds are noted under "Student Restrictions", they will need to be cleared in order for you participate in registration and receive your lottery number:

  • WebAdvisor Hold
  • Hold Registration
  • Delinquent Monthly Payment Plan
  • Delinquent Account
  • Bad Debt Account
  • Conduct Hold
  • Dean of Student's Office
  • Health Services Hold

What if I can't pay my balance until after Phase I registration?

If you are unable to register during Phase I registration, you must wait until your assigned day during Phase II registration.

When does Phase II registration begin?

Phase II registration runs from November 09, 2020 to November 11, 2020. Juniors and Seniors are eligible to register on or after November 09, Sophomores on or after November 10, and Freshman on or after November 11. After November 12, 2020, registration is open to everyone including non-degree students.

Can I meet with my Advisor even if I have a hold?

If you have any of the above listed holds, Advisors cannot access various student information on WebAdvisor.