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General Questions

Why haven't I received a paper statement in the mail?

Lycoming College does not send paper statements. Students and their authorized parties can access and print a statement online. Students can access their online statements by logging into the Nelnet Business Solutions' Enterprise website via LycoAdvisor Self-Service>>Select the Building on the left (Financial Information)>>Select Student Finance>>Select Manage Your Student Account.  Authorized parties can access the student's statement online by going to the the Business Office web page and selecting Manage My Student's Account under Related Pages or go to the link below and enter their login name and password.

Manage My Student's Account

What if I am not an authorized party on my student's account?

Your student can set up multiple authorized parties by accessing the Enterprise eBill/ePay system. Once on the landing page of the Enterprise eBill/ePay system, select Add an Authorized party and follow the instructions. Authorized parties will receive an email from Nelnet Business Solutions with a link inviting them to set up the account.

Why was I charged health insurance?

Lycoming College requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at the College.  Students without appropriate coverage are required to purchase the college student health plan. Lycoming College's Student Injury & Sickness Plan is underwritten by Wellfleet Student Insurance..  Eligible students who elect to waive the College's health insurance must complete the online waiver found at .  This waiver must be completed at the start of each school year that students are enrolled.

The last date to waive the College's student health insurance for the Fall semester is September 30th and January 31st for the Spring semester.

To enroll in the college health plan go to .  

For students who are covered on a parent or guardian's health insurance plan, consider contacting the plan provider to review available network coverage and options for the student while enrolled at Lycoming College.

What does the College’s health insurance plan cover?

By going to the following website, you will be able to view the insurance brochure, summary of benefits and coverage.

Student Health Insurance

Since I have enrolled in the College's insurance plan, where do I go to print my ID card?

By logging into the following website, you will be able to view claims, request ID cards, generate ID cards, change mailing address, etc.

Student Health Insurance

Who do I contact about a parking fine on my statement?

You can contact Public Safety at (570) 321-4064.

Who do I contact about a residence hall fine on my statement?

You can contact Residential Life at (570) 321-4046.

Can I access my 1098-T online?

You can access your 1098-T online by going to If you have no other forms or accounts with Heartland ECSI and only want to access your 1098-T, you will not need to set up a profile. Simply go to Once on the website, select Tax Documents, then on the next page select "CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR YOUR TAX FORM" Complete the necessary information to access the 1098-T.

If you have other forms and accounts with Heartland ECSI, you will need to retrieve your login credentials by selecting Click here to retrieve your login credentials.

FEDERAL TITLE IV FORM - Do I need to complete a Title IV form?

Title IV credit balances are created when Title IV funds are credited to a student’s school account and the total amount of the Title IV funds credited to the account exceeds the amount of tuition, mandatory fees, contracted room and board, and other authorized charges posted to the current loan period or award year.

Federal regulations require schools to provide a method for students with excess Title IV funds to purchase books and supplies.  If you anticipate having any charges on your student account such as such as books, campus store charges, etc. (not including tuition, mandatory fees, room or board)  and your Federal aid (Subsidized, unsubsidized Stafford loans, Pell grants, Parent Plus loan, SEOG, TEACH, etc.) exceeds those amounts, we request that you come to the Business Office in Long Hall and complete the Title IV authorization form or email to have a form emailed to you.  Signing the authorization form does not preclude you from requesting a credit balance refund or rescinding the authorization at a later date.

Students without a Title IV form will automatically receive a refund within 14 days of the application of federal aid to the student's account in accordance with federal regulations.

Refunds will be issued to the bank account students enter via Lyco Advisor Self-Service Manage My Student Account on Nelnet Business Solutions "Manage Refunds" system. If no bank account is listed, a check will be processed in the student's name and mailed to the home address on file.

Full-time undergraduates are rarely eligible for a Title IV refund. If a student's account has credits other than Title IV aid (Direct Stafford loans, Parent Plus loans, Pell, SEOG, TEACH, etc), the Bursar's Office will determine eligibility for a Title IV refund in accordance with federal regulations.

LYCO FLEX PLAN – How do I add Flex Dollars to my Student ID?

Commuters as well as residential students can purchase flex dollars. Dollars in the voluntary Lyco Flex Plan account can be used at all campus dining locations. To add Flex dollars, students can go to the myLyco portal and select "Add Flex Dollars" under Quick Links. For more information about the meal plans and flex dollars, go to Dining Services.

Student Flex Dollars are non-refundable and will transfer from fall to spring semester but will not roll over into a new academic year.