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Fall Registration

When does Fall registration begin?

Class Level* 


Registration Begins 


96+ completed credits 

Wednesday, March 20


56-95 completed credits 

Thursday, March 21


24-55 completed credits 

Tuesday, March 26


0-23 completed credits 

Wednesday, March 27

If I owe a past due balance on my student account, will I be eligible to register for the Fall semester?

No. In order to register, your student account must be current and free of critical (red) registration restrictions.

How can I check to see if I have registration restrictions on my student account?

To view restrictions on  your student account, go to MyLyco>>Lyco Advisor>> Student Planning>>Plan & Schedule to see registration (red) restrictions.  

I have several restrictions on my student account. Do I need to clear all restrictions in order to register?

Only the critical (red) restrictions will prevent you from registering for classes.  Contact the office listed if you need help resolving the restriction. 

What if I can’t pay my balance until after registration?

If you were unable to register during the above listed dates, you will be able to register after April 5th once your restrictions are cleared.