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Transferring Credits from IONA COLLEGE

This information is provided as an example of credits that have transferred in the past. It does NOT guarantee the future transfer of those credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by the Registrar based on official transcripts only. Lycoming College does not have a statute of limitations, but it reserves the right to refuse to accept some courses for transfer in which the content is out of date. The Registrar will consult the academic department(s) involved.

Course Equivalent Lycoming Course Credits Transferred
CRJ 205: Criminal Justice: Scope & Meth CJCR-100: Intro to Criminal Justice 3.00
CRJ 310: Criminal Investigation CJCR-ELCT: Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
EDU 201: Principles Procedures Ed EDUC-200: Intro to Study of Education 3.00
ENG 109 + ENG 120: Writing Workshop + Commnctn Skills: Writing 1 ENGL-106: Composition 4.00
ENG 120: Commnctn Skills: Writing 1 ENGL-106: Composition 3.00
ENG 203: Foundations & Traditions Lit ENGL-225: Classical Literature 3.00
HST 101: Evolution of Western Civilizat HIST-ELCT: History Elective 3.00
ITA 103: Elementary Italian 1 GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
ITA 104: Elementary Italian 2 GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
MTH 123: Mathematical Thinking GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
MTH 134: Brief Calculus MATH-109 + MATH-100EX: Applied Elementary Calculus + Exempt From Basic Algebra 3.00 + 0.00
PHL 110: Introduction to Philosophy PHIL-140: Central Problems in Philosophy 3.00
PHL 210: Moral Philosophy PHIL-114: Philosophy and Personal Choice 3.00
POL 201: American Government 1 PSCI-110: U.S. Government and Politics 3.00
PSY 201: General Psychology 1 PSY-110: Introductory Psychology 3.00
PSY 202: General Psychology 2 PSY-ELCT: Elective 3.00
RST 101: Religion in Contemporary World REL-110: Introduction World Religions 3.00
SCS 101: Intro to Oral Communictn CCOM-211: Informative/Persuasive Spking 3.00
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology SOC-110: Introduction to Sociology 3.00