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Fraternity and Sorority Organization Policies

Lycoming College Fraternity and Sorority New Member Policy

The following policy has been developed to benefit the entire Fraternity and Sorority community at Lycoming College, as well as the personal development and academic achievement of individual Fraternity and Sorority members. Through a working partnership, the College and the Fraternity and Sorority community can, with these guidelines, ensure that Fraternity and Sorority chapters are strong, responsible, and respectful of individual members.

Although each sorority and fraternity has developed its own unique program of the new member process, associating, or affiliating these programs must meet the standards established by Lycoming College and as further developed by Pennsylvania State law. The New Member period allows New Members to become acquainted with the organizational history, purpose, operations, and rituals. This policy serves officially to complement the statements on hazing found in the Lycoming College Student Handbook. As a current or intended member of a Fraternity and Sorority chapter, students should be aware of this policy and its legal, ethical, and contractual implications. Further, students should be prepared to challenge and question any activity that could violate this policy or the College's Hazing Policy.

  1. Academic Standards for New Members - Chapters must not extend bids that are below their inter/national GPA requirement, or the College required minimum of 2.5.  The highest standard will take precedence.
  2. FSL Leadership Council and its members will advocate and abide by the hazing policies adopted by Lycoming College and the State of Pennsylvania.
  3. Each organization is required to have all members complete the anti-hazing agreement each semester.  All new members must complete the anti-hazing agreement upon signing a bid.
  4. FSL Leadership Council will conduct new member training programs in collaboration with the Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Involvement.  All new members for each organization are required to attend/complete.

  5. New members may attend all organizational social activities and wear the organization's letters.
  6. Each chapter is required to submit their full new member process to the Director of FSL and Involvement by the Monday of the second week of classes.  The new member process must be approved by the chapter advisor prior to submitting it to the Director of FSL and Involvement.
  7. The New Member Educator (or equivalent) of each chapter is required to meet with the Director of FSL and Involvement to review the submitted New Member Process for approval prior to extending bids of membership.  All edits to the process must be finalized and approved before extending bids of membership.
  8. New member education programs are an orientation.  All new member programs are not intended to be secretive.  Ceremonies and rituals are closed and exclusive to members.
  9. The length of any new member program is limited to a maximum of seven (7) weeks and must end by the final day (Sunday) of week 12 of the academic semester.  All new member activities and initiations must occur within this timeframe.
    1. A new member activity shall be defined as any activity required of a new member to gain membership into the organization.  This includes rituals, meetings, social programs, educational programs, study hours, crafts required for membership, community service, required Council events.  The Director of FSL and Involvement should be consulted if questions arise regarding the definition of a new member activity.
      1. Chapters must supply new members with all supplies for all crafts required for membership.
    2. New members must receive a schedule of the new member process, expectations of new members, schedule of all new member activities, weekly time commitment, and financial commitments within the first week of becoming a new member.
  10. Fraternity and Sorority chapters can spend up to eight (8) hours per week on new member activities.
    1. All new member activities within the eight (8) hours per week limit must take place during the following hours:
      Monday – Sunday:  9:00am - 10:00pm.
    2. This includes all activities – formal or informal, whether occurring on or off campus. Exceptions may be approved, when appropriate, by the Director of FSL and Involvement if submitted in writing by the Chapter President no later than seven (7) business days prior to the anticipated event. Off campus events must be approved by the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Involvement.
  11. New member education activities should not be scheduled in excess so as not to disrupt the new member's academic performance.
  12. All new member education activities will be dry events. No alcohol or drugs shall be present at any new member  program, activity or ritual of the chapter. As it pertains to New Member Education, this includes but is not limited to activities associated with bid day and night, big/little events or activities, family events or activities, and initiation.
  13. All New Member presentations to the campus must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. All participants must be treated with respect.
    2. Activities must align with the College.
    3. There should be no disrespecting acts, actions, or verbiage of other fratenity and sororities members or other individuals.
  14. Hazing, as defined in the Lycoming College Student Handbook, National Chapter Policy, and Pennsylvania State law, is strictly prohibited.  All Fraternity and Sorority members and new members are required to sign an Anti-Hazing Agreement acknowledging they have read and understood the policy.
  15. Organizations under investigation for hazing will have their process placed on hold during the investigation.
  16. Organizations found responsible for Hazing will be listed on Lycoming College's Timothy Piazza Anti-Hazing Institutional Report. The organization will be listed on the report for five (5) years. Organizations must disclose their status to new members.
  17. This policy shall be cooperatively enforced by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Involvement, and the FSL Leadership Council.
  18. Questionable activities should be reported, in writing, to the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Involvement or the Associate Dean of Students. If sufficient evidence is presented, the case will be referred to the appropriate Lycoming College Community Standards hearing body and possible sanctioning.