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Jessica Hoffman - 2011-2012 First-Year Writing & Research Prize


Biology 321W:Dr. Jeff Newman*

Jessica is a biology major from Hawley, PA. She wrote this paper as a freshman and went on to win the 2011-2012 First-Year Writing & Research Prize. Each year the Writing Program gathers nominations and a faculty committee determines a winner. Prize recipients are awarded $100 from the Beverly Joyce Smithson Glad Endowment Fund, as well as a public reception and reading in the student's honor.

*Note: The "W" after the course number indicates that this is a writing-focused course. Students in these courses complete a combination of formal, high-stakes writing assignments and informal, low-stakes writing assignments with instructional support from the professor. The goal is not only to practice academic modes of writing, particularly in a given discipline, but also to learn course content through the act of writing itself.