English Composition

English 106:

"The Battle of Mogadishu" by Joseph Rudderow / Dr. Hebert-Leiter

"Corrupt Operations: A Look into Antiquity Theft by Professional Institutions" by Ashley Pratt / Dr. Todd Preston

Portfolio by Meghan Hughes / Dr. Gary Hafer

English 107 - Honors Composition:

"The Inheritance I Have Neglected" by Bridget Bellmore / Dr. G.W. Hawkes

"Joan of Arc: Inspired or Insane" by Victoria Yuskaitis / Dr. G.W. Hawkes

"Who Am I?: Examining Maxine Hong Kingston’s Racial Identity as Expressed in 'No Name Woman'" by Christopher Bernstorf / Dr. G.W. Hawkes

English Literature

English 217: "Meter in the Murderer's Mutterings: Proof of Insanity in 'Porphyria's Lover" by Ellen Schmidt

English 222: "A Puritan Pioneer: A Critical Introduction to the Poetry of Anne Bradstreet" by Aliza Davner

English 223: "Sexuality and Independence in The Awakening and The Sound and the Fury" by Megan Sullivan

English 223: "Eliot's Eternal Sea: Repetition, Regression, and Change in 'Prufrock'" by Kari Larsen

English 332: "It is More Natural to Me, Lying Down" by Stephanie Figueroa

English 333: "Point of View in the Novel" by Phoebe Wagner

English 335: "The Comic Side of the Noble Life: An Analysis of Satire in 'The Knight’s Tale'" by Tom Musser

English 335: "Thirty Pilgrims and Two Cities: Approaching The Canterbury Tales through an Augustinian Route" by Hannah Halter

English 421: "A Fatal Society" by Melody Johnson

English 421: "Penetrating or Being Penetrated: The Use of Temple Drake and Drusilla Hawk as Phallic Symbols" by Amanda Edens