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Course Readings and Reserves

Books and DVDs on Reserve

Required reserve books and DVDs are available for student use at Snowden Library's Circulation Desk. We ask that suggested readings not be placed on reserve.

*Please note that during COVID-19 restrictions, all print reserves will be quarantined (and therefore unavailable) for three days after each use. Please let us know if you need assistance scanning chapters or articles to be posted in Moodle.

For items from Snowden Library's collection, choose one of the following procedures:

  • Submit an online request form. Library staff will retrieve the requested material and place on reserve according to your instructions.
  • Print out a request form and bring the completed form and your materials to Kim Karim (x4053), Circulation Supervisor.
  • Bring your items to the library.

For personal materials you wish to put on reserve, follow this procedure:

  • Print out a request form and bring the completed form and your materials to Kim Karim (x4053), Circulation Supervisor.
  • Bring your items to the circulation desk.
  • Please note that removable labels will be placed on personal items and the books will be processed according to library procedures. These items will be circulated to students as requested and normal wear and tear should be expected.

When filling out the reserve request, please indicate exactly how you will tell the students to ask for the item, usually the way you cite it in your syllabus.

Please allow three full class days for processing materials before you expect students to use the material.

Items will be removed at the end of each semester unless otherwise indicated.

Electronic Course Readings

Snowden Library supports the use of electronic course readings in the course management system, Moodle. Individual instructors mount readings in their courses on Moodle.

If you need assistance placing reserves in Moodle, please contact Tori Lieggi (x4084). We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

For further information about Moodle visit:

Copyright Guidelines

Please see Copyright for Course Readings in Moodle for information and guidelines.

Instructions for accessing Moodle:

Courses will be put on Moodle before each semester begins. Upon notification that the course is available, resources and activities can be added. Students will be automatically enrolled in the Moodle courses they are registered for.

Students access Moodle courses through the myLyco student portal, or they can use the web address and log in using their College username and password.

You will see the course readings on the course page. Most readings are pdfs and will open in Adobe Acrobat.