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Collaborate with a Librarian

What is the value of library instruction?

  • Creates an opportunity to integrate information with the course content so that information tasks are woven throughout the duration of the course;
  • Promotes life-long information literacy in each individual student;
  • Acquaints students in each discipline with the unique body of information within their field;
  • Provides thorough, point-of-use instruction for students as they begin an assignment;
  • Provides students with an active classroom experience in the library, emphasizing hands-on activities;
  • Creates ladder learning for students in which library instructional approaches are used in increasingly sophisticated ways as the student continues through the college curriculum, especially within a discipline.

Collaborate with a Librarian

Snowden Library's Instructional Services Librarians are uniquely positioned to collaborate with faculty to provide information literacy instruction in the classroom. If you would like to schedule a class with a librarian, please contact Tori Lieggi.               

Howard C. Berthold Faculty Research and Information Competencies Award

This annual award is named for Howard C. Berthold, Ph.D., a retired professor of psychology, in recognition of his long-standing service as chair of the Faculty Library Advisory Committee. The award recognizes a Lycoming College faculty member who actively supports student research by designing assignments that progressively develop strong research skills, participating in workshops and training sessions, collaborating with librarians, and contributing to the improvement of teaching research skills among professionals.

For more information about the library's instruction program, contact Tori Lieggi.