With increasing emphasis on the importance of world affairs on our domestic policy and economy, International Studies is an exciting and constantly evolving major. The program prepares students to understand and participate in the challenges of globalization with special emphasis on the changing social, political, and historical environment of the European Union and its relations to the rest of the world, particularly the United States.

Students take courses in a variety of academic departments including business, economics, foreign languages and literatures, government, history, and international relations.

This interdisciplinary major is intended to prepare students for either graduate study or for careers that have an international component. International obligations are increasingly assumed by government agencies and a wide range of business, social, religious, and educational organizations. Opportunities are found in the fields of journalism, publishing, communications, trade, banking, advertising, management, and tourism. The program also offers flexible career preparation in a variety of essential skills, such as research, data analysis, report writing, language skills, and the awareness necessary for dealing with people and institutions of another culture.

Sigma Iota Rho - The honor society for international studies.