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Legendary monsters invade Lycoming College first-year classroom

Monsters are a common component of myths, legends, literature, movies, and the imagination. But how do they work, and what would the world need to look like for Godzilla or Frankenstein to walk among us? Led by Mary Kate O’Donnell, assistant professor of biology, students enrolled in Lycoming College’s First Year Seminar, “The Biology of Monsters,” analyze monster stories using modeling methods, such as estimating body size and weight for King Kong, estimating the caloric content of blood and number of humans required to meet the metabolic needs of a vampire, or determining the rate of spread of a zombie disease.

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The journey of a lifetime; student teaching in Alaska

When Allison Butler visited Lycoming College as a high school senior, she saw a display about the College’s Rural Alaska Teaching Program and said to her parents, “Wouldn’t that be cool?” Fast forward four years, and Butler ’24, a native of Pine Grove, Pa., majoring in biology-ecology and working toward a teaching certification for grades 7-12, is currently completing her student teaching requirement on the Alaskan tundra. Madisyn Neal ’24, a biology major from Roaring Branch, Pa., earning a grade 7-12 teaching certification, is also student teaching in Alaska.

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WNEP: Fossil find: 300-million-year-old bone found in our area

Dave Broussard spoke to Newswatch 16 about the spiny shark jaw bone that he and junior Sage Kennedy discovered and wrote about.

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Lycoming College student wins undergraduate conference award for best paper with uplifting story

At the inaugural Lycoming College Undergraduate Humanities Research Conference, Spanish major and biology minor Jeovannee Castillo ’23 won the award for best research by a Lycoming College student for his paper, “The Cause and Cycle of Child Labor in Mexico.” Castillo’s presentation covered both his impressive research into the subject, as well as his own firsthand experiences having lived and worked as a youth in Mexico.

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Skeath Scholars award helps biology student discover a passion for immunology

As a first-year student, Carter Branigan ’24 started at Lycoming knowing he belonged somewhere in the sciences, but narrowing down the field proved a bit trickier. A moment of clarity arrived when he was introduced to immunology in Biology 347. Armed with a Skeath Scholars award, Branigan set out to find an enhanced academic experience that could help him fully commit to the field.

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Lycoming Biology Field Station awarded $325,089 for Loyalsock Creek restoration

The Lycoming Biology Field Station, Inc. (LBFS, Inc.), a non-profit corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Lycoming College, today announced it won a Commonwealth Financial Authority (CFA) grant totaling $325,089 for the restoration of the Loyalsock Creek area adjacent to the field station. Flooding issues at the LBFS have grown more severe in recent years, and the grant will enable Lycoming College biology students to proactively implement conservation and best management practices that reduce flooding issues on the property, as well as those properties of surrounding landowners.

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Lycoming establishes biology field station for experiential learning and research

Lycoming College recently established the Lycoming Biology Field Station* on 116 acres of land near the campus. The College’s biology department intends to use the field station for courses in aquatic biology, ecology, plant science, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, and environmental biology as well as student research and practica projects.

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