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About United Campus Ministry

About UCM

Philosophy of United Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry springs from the premise that faith cannot be reduced to psychological or sociological processes. Faith is a verb... a capacity to live at more than a mundane level: to see, to feel, to act in terms of a transcendent dimension. At Lycoming College we affirm religious traditions as gifts which encourage the development of faith.

In agreement with James Fowler we understand faith broadly as "the human struggle for identity, community and meaning," which is critical at a time when the late adolescent moves into adulthood. In the faith development process we respect that all people develop faith at different levels and times. Real faith is not a matter of age or style.

We believe that faith is the pivotal point to a holistic approach to life.

Statement of Mission

The mission of Campus Ministry at Lycoming College is to lead the college in fostering a faith community whose members seek to live the Gospel in their daily lives.

The United Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches provide an ecumenical ministry. Campus Ministry offers a message of hope and forgiveness that is accomplished through service projects, community building, and social opportunities. Campus Ministry provides time and space for prayer and sacrament. It strives to empower students, faculty, and staff to discover their spiritual vocation through these opportunities.

Role of United Campus Ministry

  • To provide peer Christian support for the college community.
  • To offer recreational and social activities in a Christ-centered environment.
  • To plan and present ecumenical services and programs.
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in volunteer and community outreach programs.
  • To work with the Campus Ministry Department staff in fulfilling UCM program requirements.
  • To encourage participation with local churches in appropriate community activities.
  • To provide and encourage communication between all religious beliefs.

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