The Warrior Coffee Solar Coffee Cart

Students studying Entrepreneurship at Lycoming College this spring are putting their skills to work by collaborating with the College's Warrior Coffee Project and the Center for Energy and the Future on a new initiative: The Warrior Coffee solar-powered coffee cart will operate as a fully student-run business, with students heading up every task in the life cycle of this fledging venture.

The Warrior Coffee Project is an international service learning program at Lycoming College that allows young scholars to apply what they've learned about socially responsible, sustainable development to help a community in need. By forming partnerships in the Dominican Republic's El Naranjito region, students and farmers work together to combat the Roya fungus, improve coffee quality, and sell coffee at a higher price on the international coffee market.

The same entrepreneurial spirit that started the Warrior Coffee Project is now helping to take it to the next level with the solar coffee cart, providing unparalleled experiential opportunities for students on campus, while also helping improve education and economic development for the people of El Naranjito. Students have already conducted market research and developed a business plan for the coffee cart, and now this crowdfunding page will provide the necessary financing, helping them to fully realize their vision.

With the solar coffee cart, students, faculty, and staff can more easily grab a cup without stopping by Café 1812 or visiting the dining hall. The cart can even be driven to Warrior athletic competitions, First Friday events in downtown Williamsport, and more. Students will staff the cart, collaborate with Parkhurst Dining Services, and keep track of revenues.

By donating now, you are helping Lycoming College students engage in experiential learning and helping a community in need.

Fighting for what's right. One cup at a time.