Director Press Release

Dr. Fred M. Thayer,
Director of the Lycoming College Choir.

As professor of music and director of choral activities at Lycoming College,Fred Thayer conducts three choirs: Lycoming College Choir (115 members), Chamber Choir (28 members), and Tour Choir (40 members). He was the recipient of Lycoming College's Logan Richmond Professorship.

Fred Thayer's graduate degrees are in composition with a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Cornell University, studying with Karel Husa and Robert Palmer. This year, as a member of ASCAP, he received his 29th annual ASCAP PLUS award. His compositions include two operas, three works for orchestra, two works for band, and more than 75 choral works.

Having a long association with the professional ensemble the Gregg Smith Singers, Thayer has served as their associate conductor at the summertime Adirondack Festival of American Music in Saranac Lake, NY for 23 years. The Gregg Smith Singers and the Adirondack Chamber Orchestra jointly have commissioned him to write ten works since 1982.

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Please see our program for information on the choir's accompanists, Richard Lakey and Lee Saville-Andree.