Special Events and Performances

Crystal Cathedral, "Hour of Power," California, 2002

National Cathedral, Washington D.C. 2007

Czech Republic Concert, Europe Tour 2007

Chamber Choir sings with Barry Manilow, 1996

Lycoming Choir celebrates 60 Years, 2005

White House, Washington D.C. 1996

Group photo in Prague, Europe Tour 2007

Crystal Cathedral "Loft Choir" for "Hour of Power," 2006

Singing at  the Alhambra, Spain Tour, 2004

Performance in Prague with  VUS Pardubice, Europe Tour 2000

Whitaker Center , Harrisburg, PA 2005

Full Choir performs at St. Patrick's, 1996

Tour Choir at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany Europe Tour 1997

Enjoying beautiful Spain, 2004

Performance at Coral Ridge Ministries, 2004