The Lycoming College Choir celebrated it's 60th anniversary in 2006. To commemorate this milestone, a video retrospective was created to celebrate the many singers and experiences of the choir from 1946–2005. On this page are selections from the retrospective, most featuring music performed by the choir over the years.

The full retrospective runs 38 minutes. Interested in a DVD of the whole show in beautiful, pristine quality? Visit the ordering information page on the Lycoming Choir Alumni website at:

1940s & early 1950s

2:08, 11 MB

1957 England Tour
Late 1950s

1:50, 9.4 MB .


1:14; 7.5 MB

1974 England Tour

1:29; 9 MB

Early 1980s

1:00; 6 MB

1990 Europe Tour

1:04; 6.5 MB

2005 Tour

2:17; 11.6 MB

Want even more excerpts? Visit the Video Archive on the Lycoming Choir Alumni Website: