ACS Internet Resources
and other treasures on the Web.

By Dr. Christine B. Brennan
Senior Web Editor, Special Publications
American Chemical Society

Originally presented at the ACS Susquehanna Valley Section Meeting /
Lycoming College Chemistry Colloquium
 December 13, 2000

ACS Web pages and are same site. is the Publications Division web site. is Chemical Abstract Service.

ChemCenter -

Divided into sections representing different groups of ACS

Education Resources

Describes Programs, Interesting Content


Most popular ACS section -

Contains information for major meetings including:

Meeting locator – searchable database

Careers -

ACS Job Bank – database of C&EN classifieds


ACS news

Press releases about articles in journals

Hot articles from selected publications


28 Research Journals, 6 Magazines

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Chemical and Engineering News

Special Publications

Includes the A-pages of Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science & Technology
A-pages are free for two months

Chemical Innovation Today’s Chemist at Work

Modern Drug Discovery

Other Free Publications

Reagents Chemicals, 9th edition (until Dec 31, 2000)

New journals (until July 31, 2001)

Other Fun Links