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Performing Arts Management (PAM)

Associate Professor: Stoytcheva-Horissian (Coordinator) 

  • Major: Performing Arts Management 
  • Courses required: 11 (not including zero or 1 credit courses) 
  • Production credits required for all Concentrations: 6 
  • Capstone requirement: THEA 460 or THEA 470-479 

    The Performing Arts Management major is built on a multidisciplinary approach, combining a strong core of business, entrepreneurship, corporate communications, and theatre courses and blending the artistic and business elements (essentials) of a career in the arts. It is designed to provide a theoretical and practical foundation for the arts management professional. Through the coursework, practica, and internship experiences, students graduating with this major are well prepared to enter the arts management field and apply their expertise to bring quality artistic events to the public.  

Major Requirements 

Required Courses 

  • BUS 228 Marketing Principles 
  • BUS 244 Management and Organizational Behavior 
  • CCOM 200 Media and Communication 
  • ENTR 200 Entrepreneurship 
  • THEA 100 Understanding Theatre 
  • THEA 161 Theatre Performance Practicum and/or THEA 162 Theatre Leadership Practicum (6  credits total) 
  • THEA 246 Fall Theatre Colloquium (0 credits) 
  • THEA 247 Spring Theatre Colloquium (0 credits) 
  • THEA 303 Performing Arts Management 
  • THEA 470 – 479 Internship or THEA 460 Senior Project 

Two Corporate Communication electives: 

  • CCOM 221 Events Management 
  • CCOM 222 Entertainment Industry Promotion 
  • CCOM 324 Public Relations 
  • CCOM 332 Advertising   

One Entrepreneurship elective:  

  • ENTR 210 Human Performance in Entrepreneurship 
  • ENTR 315 Privately Owned Business Management 
  • ENTR/BUS 325 Digital Marketing  

One Finance elective: 

  • ENTR 220 Entrepreneurial Finance  
  • BUS 238 Fundamentals of Financial Management  

Capstone Requirement 

All majors must complete THEA 460 Senior Project or THEA 470-479 Internship 

Diversity and Writing Courses 

The following course satisfies the Domestic Cultural Diversity Requirement: BUS 244. A list ofcourses that, when scheduled as W courses, count toward the Writing Requirement, can be found on the Registrar’s website and in the  GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS section of the catalog.