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Medieval Studies (MDVS)

Professors: Chandler (Coordinator), Preston (Coordinator)
Associate Professor: Heyes (Coordinator)

• Major: Medieval Studies
• Courses required for major: 10
• Capstone requirement: MDVS 449
• Minor: Medieval Studies

The Medieval Studies major provides a framework for coursework focusing on the Middle Ages. This interdisciplinary major offers a foundation of historical and literary coursework in the period, introducing students to the essential people, events, and works of the time. Students will develop the critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills essential to both the study of the era and the mission of a liberal arts education. The major requires ten courses, including interdisciplinary introductory and capstone courses. Students also choose five electives from a range of courses that relate to the language, literature, history, art, religion, and philosophy of the medieval period in Europe.

Major Requirements

  1. Two Core Courses
    • MDVS 200 - Introduction to Medieval Studies (usually freshman or sophomore year)
    • MDVS 449 - Advanced Medieval Studies (usually junior or senior year)
  2. Three Additional Core Courses from the following:
    • ENGL 220 - British Literature I
    • ENGL 311 - Medieval Literature
    • HIST 212 - Medieval Europe and Its Neighbors
    • HIST 401 - The Middle Ages in Modern Eyes
  3. Three of the following:
    • ENGL 219 - History of the English Language
    • ENGL 220 - British Literature I (when not counting as a core course)
    • ENGL 311 - Medieval Literature (when not counting as a core course)
    • ENGL 335 - Chaucer
    • HIST 212 - Medieval Europe and Its Neighbors (when not counting as a core course)
    • HIST 232 - The Rise of Islam
    • HIST 334 - Origins of Europe
    • HIST 336 - Crusades: Conflict and Accommodation
    • HIST 401 - The Middle Ages in Modern Eyes (when not counting as a core course)
    • PHIL 202 - Medieval Philosophy
  4. Two of the following:
    • ARHI 222 - Introduction to Art History I
    • LAT 102 (or above) - Latin Grammar and Readings II
    • MUS 335 - History of Western Music I
    • REL 113 - Introduction to the Old Testament
    • REL 114 - Introduction to the New Testament
    • THEA 332 -  Theatre History I

Capstone Requirement

All majors must successfully complete MDVS 449.

Diversity and Writing Courses

The following courses satisfy the Global Cultural Diversity Requirement: ARHI 222, ENGL 220, ENGL 311, ENGL 335, HIST 232, HIST 336, MUS 335, THEA 332, PHIL 202. A list of courses that, when scheduled as W courses, count toward the Writing Requirement, can be found on the Registrar’s website and in the GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS section of the catalog.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Medieval Studies requires six courses: ENGL 220 and 311, HIST 212 and 401, and two electives from ARHI 222, ENGL 219, ENGL 335, HIST 334, HIST 336, LAT 102 or above, MDVS 200, MUS 335, PHIL 202, REL 113, REL 114, and THEA 332.

An introduction to the important people, events, works, and themes of the medieval period and the interdisciplinary means for studying them. The course aims to provide a working familiarity with the manifold medieval habits of mind, conditions of life, and ways of understanding the world. Prerequisite or corequisite: ENGL 106, 107, or consent of instructor. Alternate years.

Focuses on the advanced practice of historical and literary research, analysis, and writing. Students complete a substantial independent research project incorporating primary and secondary source analysis of a proposed topic, subject to instructor approval. Required of majors in their junior or senior year. Prerequisite: completion of core major requirements or consent of instructor.