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Anthropology and Sociology are related disciplines in terms of their theoretical and institutional history, but have distinct approaches, frames of reference and methodologies. Anthropology/Sociology at Lycoming College orients students within that shared history and theory by providing a solid educational foundation in both anthropology and sociology. In addition to completing core courses in both disciplines, students also have the flexibility within their course of study to focus more specifically on coursework pertaining to anthropology and sociology.

For students interested in pursuing a career within the field of human services, the department offers a minor in human services, along with the support of a thriving internship program across a wide range of agencies servicing all types of clients. Students can learn about applying direct or indirect services for nearly any social problem.

An additional strength of our department is the participation of students in independent research projects. This direct engagement in the research process is beneficial for students interested in either acquiring practical knowledge about real-world problems, such as poverty or community development or for those interested in exploring theoretical explanations surrounding issues such as social inequality or gender identity. Students from our program regularly present their research findings at the regional Eastern Sociological Society meetings held yearly in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington, DC.