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Transferring Credits from WILSON COLLEGE

This information is provided as an example of credits that have transferred in the past. It does NOT guarantee the future transfer of those credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by the Registrar based on official transcripts only. Lycoming College does not have a statute of limitations, but it reserves the right to refuse to accept some courses for transfer in which the content is out of date. The Registrar will consult the academic department(s) involved.

Course Equivalent Lycoming Course Credits Transferred
BIO 102: General Biology II BIO-110: Introduction to Biology I 4.00
BIO 208: Genetics BIO-222: Genetics 4.00
BIO 209: Nutrition BIO-105: Chew on This: Nutrition 3.00
BIO 270: Biology of Cancer SCI-NLDIST: Science No Lab - Distribution 3.00
CHM 101: General Chem I CHEM-ELCT: Elective 4.00
CLS 105: Scientific Terminology GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
ENG 115: Writing Literary Genres ENGL-115: Introduction to Literature: 3.00
ENG 180: Writing & Literature ENGL-106: Composition 3.00
HSC 111: Microbiology For Nurses BIO-ELCT: Biology Elective 4.00
HSC 215: Hmn Anatomy Psysiology I BIO-323: Human Physiology 4.00
HSC 216: Hmn Anatomy/Physiology II BIO-338: Human Anatomy 4.00
LAT 101: Elementary Latin I LAT-101: Latin Grammar and Readings I 4.00
LAT 102: Elementary Latin II LAT-102: Latin Grammar/ Readings II 4.00
MAT 103: College Algebra MATH-100: Basic Algebra 2.00
MAT 110: Pre Calc Mathematics MATH-127: Precalculus Mathematics 3.00
NUR 101: Health Assessment GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
NUR 121: Pharmacology SCI-NLDIST: Science No Lab - Distribution 3.00
NUR 281: Pathophysiology - Nurses GNL-ELCT: Elective 4.00
PE 131: Archery PHED-105: Physical Education Activities 0.00
PE 132: Bowling PHED-105: Physical Education Activities 0.00
PHI 222: Logic PHIL-105: Principles of Critical Thinkng 3.00
PSY 202: Life Span Development PSY-217: Lifespan Development 3.00
RLS 207: Private Values & Pub. Policy SOCSC-ELCT: Social Sciences Elective 3.00
RLS 210: Science and Religion HUM-ELCT: Humanities Elective 3.00
SPN 101: Elementary Spanish I SPAN-101: Elementary Spanish I 4.00
SPN 102: Elementary Spanish II SPAN-102: Elementary Spanish II 4.00