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This information is provided as an example of credits that have transferred in the past. It does NOT guarantee the future transfer of those credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by the Registrar based on official transcripts only. Lycoming College does not have a statute of limitations, but it reserves the right to refuse to accept some courses for transfer in which the content is out of date. The Registrar will consult the academic department(s) involved.

Course Equivalent Lycoming Course Credits Transferred
ART 101: Intro to Art ART-ELCT: Art Elective 3.00
BIOL 115: Intro to Bio II BIO-111: Introduction to Biology II 4.00
CHEM 111: Chem Basis Matter GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
CHEM 121 + CHEM 123: Gen Chemistry I + Gen Chem I Lab CHEM-110: General Chemistry I 4.00
CHEM 233 + CHEM 235: Organic Chemistry I + Organic Chemistry I Lab CHEM-220: Organic Chemistry I 4.00
CHEM 234 + CHEM 236: Organic Chemistry II + Organic Chemistry II Lab CHEM-221: Organic Chemistry II 4.00
CMST 253: Public Speaking CCOM-211: Informative/Persuasive Spking 3.00
ENGL 162: Lit Analysis & Interp ENGL-215: Introduction to Literature: 3.00
EXSC 100: Intr Movemnt & Exerc Sci WELL-105: Topics in Wellness 0.00
EXSC 202: Kinesiology-Appl Anat BIO-ELCT: Biology Elective 3.00
EXSC 203: Kinesiology-Mech Anlys BIO-ELCT: Biology Elective 3.00
EXSC 310: Exercise Physiology BIO-ELCT: Biology Elective 3.00
FIT 130: Badminton I PHED-105: Physical Education Activities 0.00
FLFR 141 + FLFR 142: Fr Influ Europe Cult. + Fr Influ Europe Cult II GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
FLFR 233: List/Spking Frn GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
FLNG 120: Classical Mythology LIT-ELCT: Elective 3.00
FLSP 111: Beginning Span I GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
HIST 143: 20C US History HIST-ELCT: History Elective 3.00
MATH 140: Ge: Calculus I MATH-128: Calculus/Analytic Geometry I 4.00
POLS 201: Elements Public Admi PSCI-ELCT: Elective 3.00