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Transferring Credits from CLARION UNIVERSITY

This information is provided as an example of credits that have transferred in the past. It does NOT guarantee the future transfer of those credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by the Registrar based on official transcripts only. Lycoming College does not have a statute of limitations, but it reserves the right to refuse to accept some courses for transfer in which the content is out of date. The Registrar will consult the academic department(s) involved.

Course Equivalent Lycoming Course Credits Transferred
ART 330: Intermediate ART-229: Ceramics II 3.00
BIOL 126: Pandemici SCI-NLDIST: Science No Lab - Distribution 3.00
BSAD 239: Family Law SOCSC-ELCT: Social Sciences Elective 3.00
BSAD 240: Legal Environment SOCSC-ELCT: Social Sciences Elective 3.00
BSAD 241: Legal Environ II SOCSC-ELCT: Social Sciences Elective 3.00
BSAD 246: Civil Litigation SOCSC-ELCT: Social Sciences Elective 3.00
CHEM 145: Chem for Allied SCI-NLDIST: Science No Lab - Distribution 3.00
CMST 110: Intro to Human Comm COMM-ELCT: Elective 3.00
CMST 113: Public Speaking CCOM-211: Informative/Persuasive Spking 3.00
CSD 156: Phonetics & Phonology GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
ECON 211: Prin of Macro ECON-110: Principles of Macroeconomics 3.00
ECON 212: Prin of Micro ECON-111: Principles of Microeconomics 3.00
ENGL 111: College Writing II ENGL-106: Composition 3.00
GS 262: Intro to Serv Learning GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
HIST 111: Ancient & Med Civ HIST-ELCT: History Elective 3.00
HIST 112: Early Modern Civ HIST-115: Western Civilization I 3.00
HPE 185: Phys Fit and Cond PHED-ELCT: Elective 0.00
HPE 253: Nutrition for Healthy Living GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
LEGL 240: Legal Environment of Business ACCT-235: Legal Principles 3.00
MATH 221: Elementary Applied Stats MATH-123: Introduction to Statistics 3.00
MGMT 120: Intro to Business Integ Exper GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
MMAJ 100: Inrto to Mass Media PSCI-210: Communication and Society 3.00
MMAJ 270: Temporal Media COMM-ELCT: Elective 3.00
PHIL 115: Philosophy & Pop Culture PHIL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
PHIL 312: Philosophy and Literature PHIL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
PHSC 111: Physical Science Chem GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
PSY 122: Drugs, Society & Behavior PSY-242: Drugs, Behavior, and Society 3.00
THE 104: Theatrical Production THEA-160: Theatre Production Practicum 3.00
THE 253: Intro to Theatre THEA-100: Understanding Theatre 3.00
THE 344: Musical Theatre History THEA-ELCT: Elective 3.00
THE 350: Summer Drama Workshop THEA-ELCT: Elective 3.00
WGS 100: Surv of Women & Gender Studies WGST-200: Gendered Perspectives 3.00