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Transferring Credits from BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE

This information is provided as an example of credits that have transferred in the past. It does NOT guarantee the future transfer of those credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by the Registrar based on official transcripts only. Lycoming College does not have a statute of limitations, but it reserves the right to refuse to accept some courses for transfer in which the content is out of date. The Registrar will consult the academic department(s) involved.

Course Equivalent Lycoming Course Credits Transferred
ANT 101: Cultural Anthropology ANTH-ELCT: Anthropology Elective 3.00
ART 105: History of Animation FILM-220: Topics in Genres. Actors, & 3.00
BIO 101: General Biology I BIO-110: Introduction to Biology I 4.00
BIO 130: People-Plant Relations BIO-106: Cells, Genes, and Society 4.00
BNF 201: Prin of Finance BUS-238: Fundamentals Financial Mgmt. 3.00
BUS 207: Prin of Bus Mangmt BUS-244D: Management Organization Behavi 3.00
BUS 262: Fund Int'l Busines BUS-319D: International Marketing 3.00
COM 100: Speech Communication CCOM-211: Informative/Persuasive Spking 3.00
CRJ 101: Intro Crimin Just CJCR-100: Intro to Criminal Justice 3.00
CRJ 105: Police Administra CJCR-ELCT: Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRJ 107: Criminology CJCR-ELCT: Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRJ 109: Issues in Policing CJCR-201: Policing and Society 4.00
CRJ 113: Juvenile Justice CJCR-204: Youth/Deviance/Social Control 3.00
CRJ 115: Correctional Law CJCR-203: Correctional Policy 3.00
EDU 101: Intro to Education EDUC-210: Orientation Educ Prof Part 1 0.00
HIS 105: Women in History HIST-325D: Women in History 3.00
HIS 106: Mod Eur to Fr Rev HIST-ELCT: History Elective 3.00
HIS 112: US Hist Since Reconst HIST-126: United States Since 1877 3.00
LIT 201: Amer Lit to 1880 ENGL-222: American Literature I 3.00
LIT 202: Amer Lit 1880 to Present ENGL-223: American Literature II 3.00
MAT 130: Contemporary Math GNL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
MAT 150: Statistics I MATH-STA/DIS: Stats for Math Distribution 3.00
MUS 101: Music Appreciation MUS-116D: Introduction to Music 3.00
PHR 102: Contemp Moral Issues PHIL-120: Introduction Moral Philosophy 3.00
PHR 106: Eastern Philosophy PHIL-ELCT: Elective 3.00
PHY 111: Astronomy ASTR-101: Principles of Astronomy 4.00
PHY 113: Geology ASTR-102: Principles of Geology 4.00
PSY 103: Educational Psych PSY-138: Educational Psychology 3.00
PSY 106: Developmtl Psych PSY-117: Developmental Psychology 3.00
SPE 111: Speech Communicatn CCOM-211: Informative/Persuasive Spking 3.00
WEX 101: Dyn Health & Fit WELL-105: Topics in Wellness 0.00
WRT 101: English Comp I ENGL-106: Composition 3.00
WRT 101 + WRT 201: English Comp I + English Comp II ENGL-106: Composition 4.00