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The Sustainability Committee consists of administrators, faculty and students and serves in an advisory capacity in relation to sustainability initiatives on campus. The committee hopes to encourage a collaborative and supportive environment for faculty, staff and students interested in promoting environmental sustainability at the college, to develop, promote and recommend implementation of environmental sustainability initiatives and activities and to serve as a resource for faculty, staff and students on all matters pertaining to environmental sustainability.

The mission of this Committee is:

Lycoming College embraces the goals of sustainability for all of its stakeholder members and as an institution. We support the identification of sustainable practices for the sake of a sustainable community and world in a way that efficiently uses college resources.

Developments and Initiatives Implemented by the Sustainability Committee (2014-Today)

Richard Alley Presentation on Climate Change (Spring 2017)

  • Click this link to see the Richard Alley's presentation at the Lycoming College Rec Center
  • Here is an article on the Presentation

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • Sustainability Committee given the Outstanding Community Service Program Award by Lycoming College at the annual Leadership & Service Awards Banquet in honor of the Food Recovery Network in 2014
  • Sustainability Committee awarded Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC) Campus Sustainability Champion at the annual PERC conference in 2014
  • Members of the Sustainability Committee hosted the first Eastern Regional Food Recovery Network Summit in 2015
  • Sustainability advisor Dr. Ryan Adams was elected to be on the Executive Board of PERC 
  • Sustainability students presented research at Susquehanna River Symposium at Bucknell in 2014
  • To date the Food Recovery Program has recovered 36,000 lbs of food!

Members of the Sustainability Committee


  • Brittany Lenze, Team Coordinator, Sustainability Committee Project Manager
  • Mikayla Schappert, Team Coordinator, TerraCycle Project Manager
  • Braeden Gonzales, Food Recovery Network Project Coordinator


  • Dr. Mel Zimmerman, co-chair, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Director of the Clean Water Institute 
  • Dr. Dan Miller, co-chair, Vice President for Student Life

Administrative Representatives

  • Dr. Bob Smith, Professor of Biology
  • Dr Douglas Young, Department Chair and Associate of Philosophy
  • John Cummins, General Manager (Dining Services)
  • Adam Lambert, Residential Life Coordinator for the First Year Area

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