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Life Safety

Lycoming College, in an effort to act in a timely and appropriate manner, has administrative guidelines in place to address a report of a missing student.

Student safety and well-being is of paramount concern to the college. Students are encouraged to learn and follow personal safety guidelines while students at Lycoming College. Information regarding personal safety can be found on the college’s Public Safety website.

Each student, upon enrollment, is given the opportunity to provide an emergency contact person(s). Under most circumstances this would be the person contacted in the event of an emergency. However, under the law as it relates to being reported as a missing person, students are able to provide a confidential contact separate from their emergency contact to be notified in the event the student is reported missing. The list of the confidential contacts will be held in the Dean of Student Affairs’ office.

Alcohol Safety

Missing Student Procedures

At the beginning of each semester, students will be sent an email notifying them of the missing student policy and requesting they provide a confidential contact in the event they are reported missing. If a student does not provide a confidential contact, the emergency contact provided by the student and listed on WebAdvisor will be notified.

In the event a student is reported missing, Public Safety will notify the Dean of Student Affairs or designee no later than 24 hours after learning that a student may be missing. Within the next 24 hours, if the student is not located, the Dean of Student Affairs or designee will contact the student’s designated confidential contact or emergency contact. Local law enforcement will be notified, in most cases, 24 hours after receiving the initial report. In the event there is evidence of foul play, law enforcement will be contacted immediately.

If the student reported missing is under the age of 18, and he/she is not an emancipated individual, the Dean of Student Affairs or designee will immediately contact the student’s legal guardian.

To report a missing person contact: the Department of Public Safety at (570) 321-4064 or