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Student Involvement at Snowden Library

Snowden Library

I am discovering. I am Lycoming.

Snowden Library fosters an environment of researching, discovering, and learning. Not only is this accomplished through library instruction with faculty in the classroom, but also through the different materials the library has available for checkout or use in the library itself. The library encourages students to utilize our resources for individual or group study work, or for leisure use outside of academics. Students can also gain valuable experience as employees of Snowden by acting as an ambassador for the library's services and outreach events.

How can I get involved?

  • Promote healthy, stress-free activities by browsing our leisure reading collection, or visiting our Relaxation Room or Relaxation Corner.
  • Engage with our knowledgeable librarians for in-depth research help.
  • Utilize our book-lending services, EZ Borrow and Interlibrary Loan, for furthering your education on a topic of interest.
  • Participate in programming designed specifically for student interaction, such as Game Night, Hide N Seek in the Dark, and our annual Snowden ‘Til Late event.
  • Apply for a position as a student assistant through the HR Sharepoint page for student employment opportunities. Student assistants help library staff in various departments, such as circulation, technical services, document delivery, and archives. To learn more about the duties and responsibilities associated with the various student positions in the library, read the job descriptions for the archives assistant, circulation assistant, interlibrary loan and document delivery assistant, outreach assistant, and student proctor.

Why Lycoming?

  • Snowden Library offers opportunities to collaborate with many other departments and groups on campus, such as Information Technology Services (ITS), The Math and Writing Centers and Tutoring Services.
  • Student manager positions also become available at the beginning of the fall semester, which can provide students an opportunity to enhance their leadership and supervising skills.
  • The library has over 140,000 volumes in our General Collection, spanning across the top two floors.
  • Students can interact with their peers on the first two floors for group study work by utilizing our open den space or collaborative study booths with LCD monitors.

Following Snowden Library

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