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Voices of Lycoming - Alumni Oral History Transcripts

Oral history is a method of collecting historical information through recorded interviews conducted by an interviewer with an interviewee who possesses firsthand knowledge of historically significant events. Oral history is a spoken remembrance reflecting the interviewee's memories, points of view, and personal opinions about events in response to the interviewer's questions. These interviews do not represent the final, verified, or complete narrative of the events under discussion.

The Lycoming College Archives-Snowden Library has gathered a collection of oral histories that are being both preserved and made accessible for use in future research and for members of the public.

Judge Marie White Bell

The Hon. Marie White Bell

Judge Marie White Bell, a 1958 Lycoming College graduate, was very
active on campus; this interview describes her participation in classes, clubs, and athletics. Judge Bell speaks of an accomplished life filled with firsts, as both a student and an alumna. A biological researcher, a lawyer, a mayor, a New Jersey Superior Court judge and a member of the Lycoming College Board of Trustees, Bell takes a fond look back.

Ann Corson Bill Corson

Ann Merritt Corson and William (Bill) Corson

William Corson and his late wife Ann Merritt Corson were both 1959 graduates of Lycoming College. Their interview is not only a retrospect of collegiate life in Williamsport, but reflects upon the Corsons' collective teaching careers.

William Gallagher

Dr. William J. Gallagher III

Gallagher is not only a 1970 graduate, but he also serves on the Lycoming College Alumni Association Executive Board. His interview touches upon the events happening nationwide during the tumultuous time of the late 1960's as well as those taking place on campus.

Victor Hann

Dr. Victor B. Hann
At the time of his interview, Dr. Hann was the oldest living alumnus of Williamsport Dickinson Seminary, which later became Lycoming College. Hann's recollection of this past era focuses on his devotion to the Methodist faith, and how it continued to be a part of his life's work.


John L. Hunsinger

A 1958 graduate of Lycoming College, Hunsinger taught at Montoursville High School for thirty one years. Hunsinger speaks about his role in the preservation of Civil War artifacts while president of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society of Lycoming College, to his present day involvement with the Lycoming County Historical Society.

Eugene E. Landon

Eugene E. Landon

Eugene Landon, a renowned woodcraftsman, was in the Lycoming College graduating class of 1957. His one of a kind work not only graces the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, but can be found in the Oval Office of the White House and in the homes of several former presidents of the United States.

Julie Bell Martin

Julie Bell Martin

Upon transferring to Lycoming College in the fall of 1958, Martin followed in the footsteps of several family members who had attended the school, dating back to the Williamsport Dickinson Seminary days. She was an avid athlete earning the Pocahontas Award her senior year and belonged to the committee that was instrumental in starting the legacy of the College Mace.

Mary Russell

Mary L. Russell

A member of the class of 1933 and a professor of music at Lycoming College from 1936 until 1998, Mary Russell provided a detailed account of campus living. Russell's experiences give many opportunities to compare our present day educational and social experiences with those from the early 1930's.

Otto Sonder

Dr. Otto L. Sonder

A native of Williamsport, Sonder was a student at Williamsport Dickinson Junior College from 1944-1946. Sonder details the view of life and the atmosphere on campus B.L. (before it became Lycoming) and then delves into his experiences after he returned to the college as a faculty member in 1956.


Dr. Carl B. Taylor

Taylor graduated as valedictorian of the 1930 class of Williamsport Dickinson Seminary and was presented with an outstanding alumnus award from Lycoming College during the 1970's. A long, successful career in teaching on the collegiate level is accounted for in Dr. Taylor's interview.