Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Mission Statement of Lycoming College Archives

The mission of Lycoming College Archives is to serve the campus community and the general public as an institutional archive and educational resource, providing access to an array of research materials related to the college.

Archives Guiding Principles

The College Archives supports the ongoing administration of the college through the proper and efficient management of the official institutional record. The Archives is responsible for identifying, collecting, organizing, and preserving the official documentary record of Lycoming College, its predecessor institutions, and its related entities in the interest of maintaining institutional continuity. The Archives offers sufficient material for research through either print or digital retention, as determined by the Archives staff and the Director of Library Services.

Additionally, the College Archives preserves and makes available for research various materials of a rare and unique nature. The Archives is responsible for identifying and, whenever possible, acquiring personal papers, photographs, and artifacts from the faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni of the institution, in order to preserve the history of the institution (see the current Faculty Handbook for guidelines.) The Archives is responsible for providing appropriate levels of assistance to all researchers (student, faculty, staff, alumni or members of the community) interested in making use of archival materials. The Archives also serves research and scholarship more generally by publicizing the content and various uses of the archival collections to the entire research community.