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Film and Video Arts Learning Goals

Students who major in film and video arts can expect to achieve the following learning goals:

  • Production
    • Express appreciation of the aesthetic and artistic value of both the still and moving image and engage in critical thinking and discourse through lectures and critiques
    • Demonstrate proficiency in camera use and editing techniques
    • Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in camera use and editing techniques such as exposure and formal composition
    • Demonstrate sound techniques and editing
  • Upper Level Production
    • Demonstrate proficiency in digital editing software programs
    • Demonstrate proficiency with lighting techniques and editing techniques
    • Critical thinking and an ability to engage in the discourse of photography, digital video, digital filmmaking, and motion graphic projects to gauge proficiency and improvement
    • Organize and produce a film
  • Research Skills
    • Demonstrate basic research skills to write a paper and literacy in the discipline of film and video
  • Treatments and Storyboard
    • Basic skills to write a treatment for a film or video
    • Basic skills to create a storyboard for a film or video
  • Critical Discourse and Critical Thinking
    • Critical thinking and defense of projects and thesis in a written, oral, and visual format
    • Organize a paper, formulate and sustain an argument related to film theory