Follow You/Wireless Printing Instructions for OS X

1. Click here to download Mac IPP print installer.

2. Unzip the Print Installer and run the application.

3. You may need to adjust your Security & Privacy Settings, if the following window appears:

mac wireless

4. Click the Apple in the upper-left corner, then System Preferences, then Security & Privacy. The window should appear as such:

mac wireless

5. Change the “Allow applications downloaded from:” to “Anywhere.” This is temporary and you can change the setting back to your desired setting.

6. Then open the Print Installer application. The following window will appear. Enter your username and password. Then click Install.

mac wireless

7. Once the installer has finished loading, two print queues “Lyco BW” and “Lyco Color” will appear in Print & Scanners under System Preferences.

8. To enable duplex printing, open Print & Scanners under System Preferences.

9. Select either Lyco BW or Lyco Color from the list, and then click on the Options and Supplies button.


10. Click on the Options tab and tick the box beside Duplexer and press the Ok button.


11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other print object at which point you can close the Print and Scanners window.

12. To print wirelessly choose either the “Lyco BW” or “Lyco Color” printer from the list and click print.

mac wireless

13. To retrieve your document, go to any of the multifunction printers (located in the Academic Center Computer Labs, Library, Pennington Lounge, and Jack’s Corner) and hold up your ID to the right side of the Equitrac device located next to the printer.

14. When presented with options, choose Print and your document will be processed.