Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

TV and Radio Closing Announcements

In case of inclement weather, please use the following terms as guidelines when determining if classes are in session and/or if personnel should report to work.

Announcements may be heard on the following television stations: WNEP-TV, WYOU-TV, and WBRE-TV. If listening to a radio station, tune to WILQ, WRAK, WVSL, WJSA, WZXR, WKOK, WFYY, WKSB, WVRT, WBYL, WBZD, WLMY, WGRC or WWBE.

TV & Radio Announcement:

  1. Closed - Emergency Personnel Only
    No classes, offices closed. No events, no practices. Note: Emergency Personnel Only are all buildings and grounds, Parkhurst, and security personnel.
  2. Delayed opening/time
    Offices open at designated time. Classes are back in session following the compressed class schedule.
  3. Classes canceled/time offices closed
    Classes beginning at designated time and after are canceled. Continuation of classes in session at time of closing are subject to the discretion of the professor.