Information for Parents and Guardians of First-Year and Transfer Students

The first year of college is a time of transition, not only for students but also for their families. So, too, is a transfer student’s first year at a new college a time of adjustment and acclimation. The first year of college is also a time of growth. Students move from dependence on others to greater independence—resolving their own issues, making important choices and decisions, and so on. Lycoming College recognizes the importance of the continuing role that parents and guardians play in your students’ lives, especially during the first year. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that we connect with you.

Emails from the Freshman Dean

The Associate Dean of Student Success and Academic Services & Dean of First-Year Students sends an email to parents and guardians on a regular basis, beginning after the June New Student Orientation sessions and throughout the academic year. The emails do not share information about individual students; instead, they are filled with advice and tips that may be useful as you continue to support your student towards achieving academic success. If you would like to be added to this list, contact us at 570-321-4358.

Questions about 1st Weekend

For information about 1st Weekend, check out the 1st Weekend Planning Guide. With further questions, call 570-321-4358.

Fall 2017 Early Assessments

Early assessments are unofficial grades that are released before the mid-point of the semester. These are simple indications of how a student is doing at that point. These are available to first-year and transfer students. After the conclusion of the first-year, students will only receive early assessments when they are on academic probation, or when their GPAs dip below a 2.2. Students are able to see their early assessments by logging into their WebAdvisor account. Early assessments are mailed to parents of students who have granted Lycoming College permissions to release information about academic progress, in accordance with FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).

Class of 2021 Class Photos

These will be available for purchase in Long Hall 210 after 1st Weekend. For information, call 570-321-4358.

Other Questions or Concerns

Dean Kilpatrick can be reached at, 570-321-4358, or via Skype at deanandrewkilpatrick1812.